Simplify, automate, and personalize natural hair care

Trymyfab is a natural hair care personalization and automation platform focused on building tools that simplify and automate natural hair care.
Our goal is to bring elements of the naturally curly lifestyle together to create a network of easily accessible and personalized information, services, products, tools, and experiences.
We value innovation, education, authenticity, integrity, community, and of course fun. Our team is committed to helping each one of our members find and own their unique brand of curly beauty.

It all started with one curlygirl

Meet our founder Christiannah Oyedeji. She is a startup and tech veteran, self taught engineer, and strategic partnerships professional, who is passionate about problem solving, talent development, and collaborative innovation.
After struggling with curl care early in her natural hair journey, and realizing so many ladies were in the same situation, she set out to find a better way to go and be natural... so Trymyfab was born.
We want to enable our users all over the world to create, embrace, and celebrate their own unique beauty. We want to revolutionize natural hair care industry and become a leader in the beauty technology space. And our tools will be a chief facilitator of this eandevor. Watch out world... Trymyfab is just getting started.

Re-imaginging natural hair care together

We believe that successful partnerships hinge on building and bridging authentic relationships. Our approach focuses on understanding the needs of our partners, creating customized execution roadmap, and successfully delivering on business goals.
We've built an ecosystem that allows us to push the envelope creatively and blend the online and offline worlds as seamlessly.
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